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episode 014 – Introduction to Rakuten, Japan’s No.1 online shopping mall show notes

In this episode, we take a different approach, showing you a Japanese site or service intermixed with our usual video stream. The subject of this episode is Rakuten, Japan’s Number 1 online shopping mall. We will should you the ins and outs, what makes Rakuten special, Rakuten’s English site and even show you the CEO’s twitter feed.

We hope you enjoy it and if you do and would like to see more of these guides to Japanese sites and services please leave a comment below.

3 Responses to “episode 014 – Introduction to Rakuten, Japan’s No.1 online shopping mall”

  1. Ian,

    Just watched episode 14. I am here a long time, know rakuten, of course. As for your suggestion, that viewers propose subjects for you to cover (MessaLiberty Podcasts), I have for a you a whole series to do, and will help promote throughout the KdL Group – for your benefit and for the growth of KdL.

    Please talk with KdL Group (Ian is a member, perhaps your CEO is too – I forget, sorry) Nishimura-san @kazumichinko in Twitter about KdL’s new member, the CEO of HOOTSUITE, Ryan @invoker in Twitter (Mr. Nishimura met him 2 days ago, in Tokyo), and consider covering, please:
    1. USE OF HOOTSUITE, especially, the current English-only version;

    2. Learn from Mr. Nishimura and discuss how with help from SOFTBANK (Son-San just met Ryan!) and probably Digital Garage, as well, they will tie in MIXI and GREE and also

    3. When the Japanese version will be available and

    4. How to add the @osakasaul/kdl column to hootsuite, so you and your fellow members can see all KdL tweets and interact;

    Give me a call (no. on my profiles, incl. LinkedIn), when you have a chance. We should really talk the Messa advantages to my no. ‘4,’ above. Use this as subject matter, but then, we cross-promote, KdL grows, and Messa gets known better.


    Saul Fleischman

  2. ianc says:

    Hi Saul,

    Thanks for your ideas and input.

    For the special episodes like #014 we will probably concentrate on Japanese sites first, since the idea is to show the International audience sneek peeks of what Japanese sites look like. Although we might be able to use some of the ideas (like hootsuite) in our Japanese video podcast.

    I’ll be in touch about KdL, I’m really interested in brain-storming some ideas.

    Thanks again!

  3. Maliza Heng says:

    I am just curious, would it be different between B2B web design compare to B2C website design?